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The great Claude Debussy's centenary is this year.  I would like to share the film that I wrote and directed about a day in his life:  'Debussy'.  Also can be viewed at this link:

Stephen Daltry is a composer, actor and filmmaker.  His music composing covers award-winning documentaries (BBC's 'The Hunt'), critically acclaimed stage musicals ('Alice', 'Seats In All Parts') as well as cantatas ('Pilgrim's Progess') and concert music. ('Two Seconds to Midnight' for piano duet, Colchester New Music).

Stephen is currently composing music for feature documentary 'Of Fish & Foe' for Trufflepig Films, (Creative Scotland/BBC)  Below is a clip from the BBC documentary about the Antikythera Mechanism :


BBC4 The 2000 Year Old Computer - Music by Stephen Daltry from Stephen Guy Daltry on Vimeo.



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