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Stephen Guy Daltry: composer performer: Music Clips

VERSES OF BUNYAN: O World of Wonders

(Dean Chisnall, Tenor)
April 10, 2006
Stephen Daltry Composer

Christian had come to the end of a Valley (Section 4) :

'So I saw that Christian went on his way; yet at the sight of the Old Man
that sat in the mouth of the Cave, he could not tell what to think, specially
because he spake to him, though he could not go after him, saying, You will
never mend till more of you be burned: But he held his peace, and set a good
face on't, and so went by and catcht no hurt. Then sang Christian'

"O World of Wonders! (I can say no less), that I should be preserved in that distress that I have met with here! O blessed be the hand that from it hath delivered me!"