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Stephen Daltry:: Music Clips

String Quartet, Slow Movement

Piano Prelude in D Flat

(Stephen Daltry)
January 6, 2013
Stephen Daltry

This piece was written for the film score of the documentary 'The Moo Man'.


(Stephen Daltry (Piano))

This intermezzo for piano featured on the documentary score of 'The Lost World of Mr Hardy'.

Piano Prelude for Children's Album

Piano Prelude in B Flat Minor

Dog Dish Dream

The Moo Man : Pasture-Montage

(Daltry, Chris Wells, Pete Whyman)
January 6, 2013
Stephen Daltry

The Chef's Letter: (Director Sybil Mair)

(String Trio)
Jury Choice Silver Medal for Excellence for ‘The Chef’s Letter’ at the 2009 Park City Film Music Festival, Utah.


(Claire Seaton (Soprano), Dean Chisnall (Tenor))
April 10, 2006
Stephen Daltry Composer- PLEASE CLICK ON SONG TITLES

VERSES OF BUNYAN: The Trials That Men Do Meet

(Claire Seaton, Dean Chisnall, Ana-Luisa de Cavilla)
April 10, 2006
Stephen Daltry Composer

VERSES OF BUNYAN : May I Now Enter Here?

VERSES OF BUNYAN: O World of Wonders

(Dean Chisnall, Tenor)
April 10, 2006
Stephen Daltry Composer

The Accordionist

(Stephen Guy Daltry)
February 23, 2012
Tango Main Theme from the comedy film 'The Accordionist' 2012

The Moo Man : Suckling Calf

(Stephen Daltry, Pewt)
January 6, 2014


(Stephen Daltry : Music for Media)
Stephen Daltry

Music for the BBC film 'Identity Unknown' by director Simon Everson, for the Picture This strand.

Mr Hardy: Flute Theme

Letze Luxembourger

(Grace Productions, Dir Ray Tostevin)
Composer/Arranger Stephen Daltry

The Occasion: Score for Sue Loughlin's Animation Film

Diana,Secrets Behind the Crash ITV

(Fulcrum Prods. Dir.Laura Granditer)
Composer/arranger Stephen Daltry

Hardy Fishing Theme

Verses of Bunyan